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The Energy Challenge

AstraZeneca is committed to inspiring young people in STEM subjects. As a major Cambridgeshire employer, we have a thriving STEM ambassador and volunteer programme that works with many local schools in Cambridgeshire to bring practical science experiments to children. Now, with the opening of our new Global Headquarters in Cambridge on the horizon, we are taking this opportunity to extend our passion for science to children across the whole county.

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The Energy Challenge is a science-focused competition for pupils in Year 5 and Year 6, which will run through the 2018–19 academic year.
It encourages children to have fun working scientifically: making and recording observations and measurements, interpreting observations and data, and drawing conclusions. The Energy Challenge is aligned with the National Curriculum and designed to help children recognise the impact of diet and exercise on their bodies.

The Challenge

AstraZeneca is inviting all maintained and academy primary schools and special schools across Cambridgeshire to get involved and to encourage pupils to take part in The Energy Challenge.
Participating schools will be given all the necessary teaching materials for the project.
To start the challenge, all primary and special schools across the county will receive a scientific mechanical balance, to keep, for use both as part of The Energy Challenge and in their own STEM teaching into the future.
Each participating school will be asked to design and run experiments using the mechanical balance to measure the weight (g) of various common foods that contain the same amount of energy (kJ), which will vary according to the energy density of the foods.
The experimental results can then be related to the daily energy requirements of an average adult female (8,400 kJ).
Pupils will then be tasked with illustrating their findings in a poster, which will be judged by a panel of experts comprising science, nutrition and education professionals, at one of several local heats.


Participating schools will also be assigned a STEM mentor from AstraZeneca to support their pupils taking part in the challenge.


There will be an overall grand prize for the winner and all finalist schools will receive prizes of more scientific measuring equipment.

Sharing and learning

During The Energy Challenge, we will be inviting participating schools to share details of their pupils’ progress with the experiments through case studies, photographs and even videos, which can be posted on this website for all participating schools and pupils to enjoy and learn from.

National Curriculum

The Energy Challenge has been designed as a practical and contextual way to help schools deliver the National Curriculum


Upper Key Stage 2 programme of study

Working scientifically

  • planning different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions, including recognising and controlling variables where necessary
  • taking measurements, using a range of scientific equipment, with increasing accuracy and precision, taking repeat readings when appropriate
  • recording data and results of increasing complexity using scientific diagrams and labels, classification keys, tables, scatter graphs, bar and line graphs
  • reporting and presenting findings from enquiries, including conclusions, causal relationships and explanations of and a degree of trust in results, in oral and written forms such as displays and other presentations

Year 6 programme of study

Animals including humans

Pupils should be taught to:
  • recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function
  • describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans


Spring 2018

Participating schools invited to register

September 2018

All schools receive their own scientific mechanical balance

September 2018

The Energy Challenge officially launches and participating schools receive their teaching materials

May – June 2019

Local heats for The Energy Challenge take place

4 July 2019

Grand final for winners of local heats take place in Cambridge

The Energy Challenge

Participating schools

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William Westly CoE Primary School: 52.113430, 0.155386
Fawcett Primary School: 52.177157, 0.118327
The Grove Primary School: 52.228563, 0.132598
Stretham Community Primary School: 52.351162, 0.221430
Over Primary School: 52.314715, 0.017925
Great Abington Primary School: 52.116572, 0.238098
St. Andrew’s CofE Primary School: 52.328281, 0.339019
University of Cambridge Primary School: 52.220398, 0.090375
Park Lane Primary School: 52.555809, -0.136064
Fulbourn Primary School: 52.182530, 0.220497
Girton Glebe Primary School: 52.239684, 0.084667
New Road Primary School: 52.553516, -0.115055
Trumpington Meadows: 52.177157, 0.118327
Peckover Primary School: 52.671045, 0.154114
Bar Hill Primary School: 52.252583, 0.020083
Barnabas Oley Primary School: 52.186543, -0.143895
Foxton Primary School: 52.114945, 0.059661
Houghton Primary School: 52.333160, -0.122520
Burrough Green Primary School: 52.163733, 0.492376
Steeple Morden Primary School: 52.066436, -0.125667
Morley Memorial Primary School: 52.186518, 0.144532
Nene Valley Primary School: 52.563379, -0.261862
Meldreth Primary School: 52.094264, 0.008865
Monkfield Park Primary School: 52.217342, -0.071008
Willingham Primary School: 52.311566, 0.059185
Petersfield Primary School: 52.131498, -0.017342
Bassingbourn Community Primary School: 52.075795, -0.062257
Buckden CE Primary Academy: 52.294193, -0.247417
Great Wilbraham Primary School, Church Street: 52.197140, 0.263648
St Thomas More Catholic Primary: 52.581160, -0.221072
Bottisham Community Primary: 52.220488, 0.264377
Harston and Newton Primary School: 52.137440, 0.080833
Ashdon Primary School: 52.055727, 0.312890
New Cangle Primary School: 52.089474, 0.434823
Newport Primary School: 51.979373, 0.208564
Melbourn Primary School: 52.082846, 0.017413
Meridian Primary School: 52.188865, 0.024118
Jeavons Wood Primary School: 52.218243, -0.060403
Peakirk cum Glinton C of E School,: 52.638596, -0.296258
Weatheralls Primary School: 52.336523, 0.338648
Wickhambrook Primary Academy: 52.166770, 0.551631
Great & Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School: 52.146150, 0.129947
Mayfield Primary School: 52.222319, 0.108886
Thaxted Primary School: 51.952365, 0.347907
Dry Drayton C of E Primary School: 52.239814, 0.022367
Kinderley CP School: 52.722314, 0.110202
Babraham CofE Primary: 52.129424, 0.203884
Ridgefield Primary School: 52.192998, 0.153270
Alconbury Church of England Primary School: 52.370788, -0.258403
Caldecote Primary School: 52.208534, -0.024966
Haslingfield Endowed Primary School: 52.149255, 0.051967
The Vine Inter-Church Primary School: 52.234528, -0.056305
Priory Junior School: 52.232235, -0.251546
Windhill21: 51.865148, 0.152652
Robert Arkenstall Primary: 52.356139, 0.148754
Wheatfields Primary School: 52.339870, -0.073670
Wilburton CE Primary School: 52.353030, 0.176150
Cherry Hinton C Of E Primary School: 52.187960, 0.174080
Great Staughton Primary School: 52.268290, -0.346380
Thurlow CEVC: 52.133510, 0.449050
Kimbolton Primary Academy: 52.301070, -0.388890
Hundon Primary School: 52.110950, 0.536300

For an alphabetical list of participating schools please click the tab below

List of participating schools

Alconbury Church of England Primary School
Abbey Meadows Community Primary School
Ashdon Primary School
Babraham CofE Primary
Bar Hill Primary School
Barnabas Oley Primary School
Bassingbourn Community Primary School
Bishop Creighton Academy
Bottisham Community Primary
Buckden CE Primary Academy
Burrough Green Primary School
Caldecote Primary School
Cherry Hinton Primary
Dry Drayton C of E Primary School
Fawcett Primary School
Foxton Primary School
Fulbourn Primary School
Girton Glebe Primary
Great Abington Primary School
Great & Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School
Great Staughton Primary School
Great Wilbraham Primary School
Harston and Newton Primary School
Haslingfield Endowed Primary School
Houghton Primary
Hundon Primary School
Jeavons Wood Primary School
Kinderley CP School
Mayfield Primary School
Melbourn Primary School
Meldreth Primary School
Meridian Primary School
Monkfield Park Primary School
Morley Memorial Primary School
Nene Valley Primary School
New Cangle Primary School
New Road Primary School
Newport Primary School
Over Primary School
Park Lane Primary School
Peakirk cum Glinton C of E School
Peckover Primary School
Petersfield Primary School
Priory Junior School
Ridgefield Primary School
Robert Arkenstall Primary
St Andrew’s CofE Primary School
St Matthew's Primary School
St Thomas More Catholic Primary
Steeple Morden Primary School
Stretham Community Primary School
Thaxted Primary School
The Grove Primary School
The Vine Inter-Church Primary School
Trumpington Meadows
University of Cambridge Primary School
Weatheralls Primary School
Wheatfields Primary School
Welbourne Primary School
Wickhambrook Primary Academy
William Westly CoE Primary School
Willingham Primary School
Wittering Primary School

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